BLOVES, Believe in Love

BLOVES is a Chinese custom wedding ring created and led the brand, focusing on the use of love stories to customize the real wedding ring, and always adhere to the “no story, no wedding ring,” the concept of the wedding ring.

Every person in love deserves exclusive and uniqueness.
How can the wedding ring be worthy of her?
We embrace the dream of wedding ring, break the wedding ring of the finished product and redefine the wedding ring:
The real wedding ring should not be cold diamonds and gold.
It should be the enrichment of the emotional experience of two people.
The true wedding ring must be related to oneself, related to love, and it is the only one in the world.
The true wedding ring should be story, temperature, and life.

Moritz Glik-The First Lady’s Favorite Designer

Born in Brazil, Moritz Glik currently lives on the Manhattan Art Gallery.
Once a shoe designer with a very good reputation, he chose to devote himself to the jewelry industry because of his passion for creative jewelry design.
Moritz’s inspiration for jewelry was inspired by the combination of modern art inspiration and passion for antique jewelry;
Moritz’s jewellery is elegant and pretty, giving people infinite imagination. Diamonds and jade seem to be wrapped in two layers of white sapphire. The luster is smooth and smooth. It only has a specific shape when worn.

jewelry shop window

“Carousel” Wedding Ring – Sun Hao & Cai Yuanhang

Like many girls, the carousel has a special meaning for Sun Hao (槿汐). At that time, at the playground near the home, the children were scrambling to go and sit on the Trojan horse. After Sun Xiaohe and Cai Yuanhang (Xiao Tang of the old Journey to the West) met, she took him back to her hometown and told him the story of childhood. He took her as a child as she sat for a dozen times in a row. Since then she has determined that he is the man worthy of lifelong commitment. In 2012, Cai Yuanhang proposed his marriage to Sun Hao at the Beijing World Trade Plaza, and eventually he returned to beauty.

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