Store Display Forms And Features

Three Forms And Features Of Store Display

The Store Display Is Constructed In The Following Ways:
(1) Open style Store Display is generally no back, window directly with the store display space, people can store the room through the glass panoramic view, the design should pay attention to the window display layout highlights and The application of color, the theme should be more clear, is the usual form of window design and store display.

Open style window in the design and implementation of the extreme two sides:

1, Difficult – to ask the store and the window in terms of color, structure or display of goods can form a unified picture of the perfect, and the window should be highlighted, there are three-dimensional sense of space.

2, Simple – based on the perfect shop space design, no need to use other decorative items to do too much modification, so that the window display and store the overall space combined.

store display


Clothing shop open window that highlights the display of clothing can also see the store’s store space

PICTURE 1 shows a typical open window, through the window, you can see the perfect store show. From the top of the window of the Iron, to the gorgeous chandeliers, and then to the model behind the low cabinets, laid the brand’s noble identity. Models show the black and red lines with, echoed with the left of the red cylinder. Do not mistakenly think that the cylinder itself is red, which is deliberately for the theme of the window. Customers see through the window is a perfect picture.

Open-style window display


Open-style window more clearly show a series of clothing, color, fabric with a sense of the overall sense of the strong.
store display ideas(PICTURE 3)

Showcase a group of clothing display highlights the style of clothing at the same time with the store’s clothing display combination

store display design


Open-style window display chrysanthemum red skirt into a store a big shop in the shop space has become a very good window background.

PICTURE 3, the entire cargo area for the black and red lines, containers, light boxes, image albums are displayed in the window model wearing clothes;

PICTURE 4, the huge column was originally a shop space defects, display designers turn it into Treasure, wrapped on the same color with the display of clothing fabric, chrysanthemum red column to become the background of the window, so that the entire window highlights the combination with the store space.

store displays


Closed window display features for the design of the window intended to provide a complete space

(3) Semi-enclosed window – back and shop with semi-transparent form called “semi-enclosed window.” This window space is divided into many forms.

Can be a good balance between the window and the shop at the same time to reflect the use of a wide range of flexible and diverse implementation methods

store display mannequins


According to the window design needs to do semi-transparent background

The purple back panel in the window to block some of the people’s attention, but still can be observed in the store’s general layout, the shape of the backplane and the model wearing the same clothing pattern, semi-closed window advantage is to take into account the window integrity and Show the store interior space two aspects.

store display rack


The white background of the window on the right side of the window hidden mystery, the front side of the window set in the side of the show, the back of the store as the internal wall, to ensure that the store’s stock and space extension.

store display stand


Using a few slender screens to block the beauty of the part, and the model formed a more complete sense of the screen.

store display cases


The same is a semi-enclosed window, the right side of the model show and store the formation of echo, the left side of the sofa and the coffee table on the box is to match the right side of the blue and red special custom, very clever to the window extended to the store display.

store display supplies


The background of the window consists of different width metal partitions, through the narrow gap between the partitions, you can observe the situation inside the store, quite “still holds partly concealed” mood.

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