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How To Lit Summer Window Display Design?

Summer is approaching, designer want to close the subject,offer window display design ideas,back to the customers a refreshing summer window display.

summer window display

First: Play The Customers’ Imagination, Exaggerate Your Window Display Design
Exaggerated fictional objects, far exaggerated in the proportion of real real objects, such objects are more likely to attract attention to the customer’s imagination.

floral window displays

Second: The Summer Window Display Design, Cool Props To Help 
Vacation, swimming, afternoon or evening party with friends, singing in the park, planting flowers in the yard, sunshine, nature, ice cream, summer walk … … all can be your summer window display themes.
Stereo plants, flowers, trees, or a large picture, can be used to express the same summer window display themes. You can also use leaves, paper cutting, or hand painting on the glass to enrich your color and texture.

Beach Window Display

Summer Window Display Ideas Summer Window Display

Third: Open Your Brain-Hole to Window Display Design, Do Not Take The Unusual Way
Put a picnic table on the edge of the window, or cut the picnic table in half. And then painted it into a strange color, looks no longer a simple picnic table, but became a personality of the object. The other half of the table can be made without the conventional material of the table, but with something like a branch or the like. There is also a more special way to decorate with a lot of small objects, such as shoes, pots, gardening tools, books, picnic kitchenware, cups, dishes, and even paper towels.
Hang a bike from the wall or a smallpox, stack the bike together, hang the bicycle upside down, lift it up, or use a bicycle part instead of a complete bike. Get some flowers, grass, flowers will be inserted on the wall or smallpox, rather than plug in the ground.
In short, open your brain hole, do not take the unusual way! Let your customers guess through. Think outside the framework, but still have to clearly convey product information.

Acrylic Window Display Spring Window Display

Four: Bright Summer Colors to Window Display Design
Wall and hanging the screen color must be bright, bright, in the summer to consider the theme at the same time pay attention to lines, colors and other elements of the use.
Nothing is better than a bright color to catch their eyes.

Shop Window Design

Five: Let Your Window Display Design Full Of Funny
Like the fantasy world of the film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“, Alice is attracted by the great plants and vegetables, and it is true and false. This kind of scene will induce our innocence, so that everyone’s heart is not obliterate the child heart to stimulate up, activities up.
Therefore, in the window display design, to use some of the props can wake the props, always be able to recall childhood time, and then attract your customers.

Alice In Wonderland

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